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Do you want to focus on your core business, targeting the global market?

Advice and implementation - Office support, marketing and process optimization inDutchEnglishFrench )

Do you want to delegate your time-consuming operational tasks and use technology more efficiently? As your sparring partner, I zoom in on your business and together, we decide how I can best assist you so you can feel in control again. Together, we create an overview, tackle your to-do list and explore ways to improve your business processes. This ensures increased efficiency and time savings in your future work. In doing so, we not only look at your team, the processes and the (online) tools you use, but but more importantly, we focus on what is essential for serving your customers optimally!

Does this sound like you?

Your business is running smoothly, and now it's time for the next phase

You want to grow your business, but you're stuck in operational tasks

You invest a lot of time in activities that don't give you energy

You want to be able to focus on your customers and strategy again


I'm Cindy Jernberg and I help you optimize and streamline your business in multiple areas. In the areas of daily (office) management, online marketing and process improvement, I offer advice and I can help you with the implementation. By creating an overview, optimizing processes and by using technology in smarter way.

No more outdated facts, but a smooth flow in everything you do! Quality and customer satisfaction are my number one priorities. I constantly strive to improve.

With my support in Dutch, English or French, I am well-equipped to provide international support.

Office Support & Lifestyle management

I offer office support and lifestyle management to busy entrepreneurs and professionals who are often 'on the road'. By taking on your time-consuming daily tasks and optimizing them, I create time and freedom.

Online Marketing Advice and Support

Do you want to enhance your online visibility? Are you looking to launch a new product or service and could you use some support? Need help with set up of your social media account and/or need assistance with scheduling posts? Need help with your website? I would love to help you!

Streamlining business processes

Are you ready to scale your business? Are you looking for a more streamlined approach, so you are no longer consistently lagging behind? I can assist you by giving your business processes an effective makeover.

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